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I CAN - 4D Live Show Experience 

4D Theatre for the whole family

Come along and meet Gillie & Friends for some inspirational fun and laughter

Join in with all the fun and enjoy a toe-tapping singalong, I Can, You Can, We Can and find out what they can do next! 

Sarah-Leigh Wills much-loved I Can series of books has been a firm favourite with children and parents for many years. Based on all her adventures, this lovingly adapted story is perfect for the stage,

The felt-like illustrations leap from the page in this colourful show packed full of puppetry, songs, and of course smells from the garden and more. 

With lots of laughs and audience interaction,

I Can is the perfect family show and a must see.

Check out the dates 4-6th July Thameside Theatre Essex 

What makes A Book Worth Reading

Whatever age you start to read, books are there to entertain, educate and take you on a remarkable journey. A good book is more than just a well-written story, it's a treasure trove of adventure. No matter how often you open a new book there is always something new to discover.

Whether they are there to educate, romance, make you laugh or loose you in another world,

a good book should be shared.  

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