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Yes, books continue to provide inspiration for so many animations, theatre productions and films . KAMedia LTD looks for potential in all the books we see and read. Lets have a peek at our upcoming book-to-screen/stage adaptations.


It's Gillie was an original idea by Sarah -Leigh Willis.

From the series of Gillie Can, the product has now been created into a Children's TV series. 

Full details can be found on Gill's Website> 

Vinny The Vet & Mr Jangles

Vinny & Mr Jangles were an original inspiration of Susan Johnson 

A lovable yet mischievous cat and his owner Vinny the Vet

The concept is in development stages, due to be released later 2021

vinny 2.png
mr jangles.png

A.S.A.P was an original Idea by Suki Bhach - the book 'Me and My Injector-pen has been adapted for Theatre to help young children be more aware of Food Allergies. 

The Curse of Kaninjanga Island 

The Curse of Kaninjanga Island is book two of Scott Jones Mystical Series. 

Following the adventures from The Secret Of The dark Woods, the mystical journey's continue. Every night, when darkness falls, a deafening cry explodes from the cave and fills the jungle. Moments later, it emerges Billy and Austin have not seen Terry since he rode a tractor across the school field six months ago. However, during a camping trip they are reunited in the most spectacular way. Together they must embark on an adventure to find a sacred ring that has laid hidden in a cave on Kaninjanga island for over 300 years. Aided by a magical stone and a unique map, they work their way through the Island to locate the ring. Yet, they are not alone, as mythical creatures and darkness follow their trail. A story of beast s, battles and a few surprises that will make you realise what true friendship is all about