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   Antony Hillman  

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Name: Antony Hillman




Author Of: Early Readers, Adventure Reads

Category: Young Story Books 

A Snippet About Me: 

Antony was born in the quaint village of Oakhill Somerset, leafy and rural with plenty of places for children to play and venture beyond the homes of the villagers.  

Illustrations By:

Sarah-Leigh Wills

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about me

About Me: 

Antony Hillman is an Electrical design engineer, writer and Author of children's books.  In the last decade he's invented 50+  innovative engineering products that are regularly used throughout the water industry. 

This creativity extends further with an overwhelming passion for creating and writing children's books that specialise in short stories.

Antony was born in the quaint village of Oakhill, Somerset, leafy and rural with plenty of places for children to play and venture beyond the homes of the villagers. 

Antony, as a child used to play with his friends near several ponds and caves, located behind a big nursing home and this magical and mysterious setting is the inspiration for his first set of many short stories the “The Secret Ponds of Pondsmead”.


Nielsen BIC Subject & Qualifiers :

learning material (YB)
Picture books (YBC)

Publisher BIC Subject & Qualifiers :


BookScan Product Class Code :


BookScan Product Class Text :

Pre-school & Early Learning

BISAC Subject :

JUVENILE FICTION / Activity Books / General (JUV054000)

Readership Level :

Preschool (0-5)

Price: £14.99

Postage: £2.36

About The Book: 

The Secret Ponds of Pondsmead is set within the borders of the Mendip hills, deep within Somerset, Protected by a gold and copper entrance gate that’s only visible to the most worthy and kind people.

Inside the gate there are three layers of ponds with spectacular waterfalls between each pond. The water that runs through the ponds has magical powers that keeps everything alive and also passes on its powers to the Twons on special days, known as Celebration Days.

The ponds have a natural neon glow that is full of magical wonders and secrets which are explored throughout the stories.  These ponds are set within an extensive network of wonderful and intriguing caves where day to day adventures and explorations happen. The beavers are the ponds caretakers and are surrounded by other magical creatures that live there. The Twons could be mistaken for fairies or trolls. However, the Twons are quite unique as they are neither, but have all the special parts of both. Read on to uncover the wondrous tales of the Twons…

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