Secret Of The Dark Woods      

Secret Of The Dark Woods

Nielsen BIC Subject & Qualifiers :

Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories (YF)
Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage) (YFC)
General fiction (Children's / Teenage) (YFB)

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Readership Level :

Children's (6-12)

Series Number: 1

Pages: 368

Price: £7.99

Postage: Free to the UK

About The Book: 

If you were given the chance to change an event from the past, what would you choose? The most obvious choice is not always the easiest... Billy, is a 13-year-old boy, who loves playing pranks, lots of pranks, he has just moved to a new school, where he meets Austin, the school bully. After a confrontation, the boys find themselves lost deep in the woods, where they meet a strange woodland resident. The boys need his help to get back home, however, he is unwilling to help, until the boys discover his weakness, - pasties. They embark on a journey, which involves, mythical creatures, a sacred scroll and a dark battle. However, one of them is hiding a very dark secret, a secret that will shake the others to the core. A tale of rivalry, anger, friendship and love, combined with a few twists, that will leave you wondering, how well do we really know ourselves and, each other?

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Secret Of The Dark Woods
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