The Curse of Kaninjanga Island  

The Curse of Kaninjanga Island

Nielsen BIC Subject & Qualifiers :

Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories (YF)
Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage) (YFC)
General fiction (Children's / Teenage) (YFB)

Publisher BIC Subject & Qualifiers :


Readership Level :

Children's (6-12)

Series Number: 1


Pages: 368

Price: £7.99

Postage: 1.67

About The Book: 

Every night, when darkness falls, a deafening cry explodes from the cave and fills the jungle. Moments later, it emerges... Billy and Austin have not seen Terry since he rode a tractor across the school field six months ago. However, during a camping trip they are reunited in the most spectacular way. Together they must embark on an adventure to find a sacred ring that has laid hidden in a cave on Kaninjanga island for over 300 years. Aided by a magical stone and a unique map, they work their way through the Island to locate the ring. Yet, they are not alone, as mythical creatures and darkness follow their trail. A story of beast's, battles and a few surprises that will make you realise what true friendship is all about...

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