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It's Gillie 

Giggles, hops and ribbits are all part of a typical day. Gillie spends most of her time looking for Toad, who often gets lost! They are the best of friends and always work through tricky situations together. Gillie has lots of other friends, who all have different family situations, so learning and understanding about others is always important for her.

The Books: 

It's Gillie Series of Animation and Play started out as humble stories. Now Gillie & Friends can be enjoyed by all the family across multiple platforms


IT'S GILLIE - Animation Series

Grandpa's Missing Glasses 

It's Gillie - Hide n' Seek

Gillie is in the garden playing Hide n' Seek with Toad... but when Gillie can't fine him she is worried that he might be lost.

It's Gillie - Secret Surprise

Gillie and Grandpa spends all morning in Grandpa's shed, making a birthday present for Toad.

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