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Planting A Greener 


Why We Chose To Sponsor
The Woodland Trust 


10 Trees

100 Trees

500 Trees

1000 Trees

There are between 3.5 – 7 million trees forested every year, but lets not dismay. Less than 9 percent of the wood used to make paper is harvested from old growth forests and there are 1000’s of hectors of managed forests across the globe harvesting trees for our everyday needs. In fact, millions of trees are planted each year, as it takes from 10 - 20 years for trees to grow large enough for harvesting.


More alarmingly, there are millions of trees being destroyed and cut down every day across the planet to make room for new homes, airports, shopping centres, roads and railway construction.

So what does that mean for us and our surrounding wildlife? Our woodlands have some of the plushest habitats providing homes for thousands of species of animals and plants. Yet, by bulldozing our woodland and forests, these wonderful creatures cannot survive – when Richard Adams wrote the famous Children’s novel Watership Down in 1966, I wonder if he envisaged how much of the countryside would be destroyed within the next 50 years.


The time, effort and work that The Woodland Trust put into creating new woodlands that we can all enjoy is truly amazing. Over the next 25 years they are looking to plant and nurture millions of trees to improve the environment we live in. We’d like to be a part of that plan…

Help Us Donate A 1000 Trees

Sponsoring the cost of a young native tree at a Woodland Trust wood we will secure the planting and lifetime care and protection of the tree - It costs £250 to purchase a quarter of an acre and give it the care and nurturing it needs. We want to plant ACRES!!. 

A little amount goes a long way - years in fact, as these trees will hopefully outgrow us and be there for our future generations to enjoy.  

There is No Minimum Or Maximum Donation Amount - We Just Thank you for Helping Us Donate To A Greener Future. 

Sometimes you need to say thank you to this natural world I have and words just aren’t enough. Show your appreciation with a tree or woodland dedication.


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Minimum Donation Just £5 

You can choose from different locations across the UK




Heartwood Forest, Sandridge, Hertfordshire

Fordham Hall Estate


Wildlife and history abound at the site of this new woodland alongside flower-rich meadows and the meandering River Colne. Lucky visitors may spot an otter, as well as water voles, 57 bird species and various invertebrates.

Fordham village offers refreshments and toilets at the Three Horseshoes pub just a short walk from the wood. The wood’s car park is off Ponders Road close to the centre of the village.

Dering Wood


Trees have stood tall in this corner of Kent for at least 1,000 years. Rare wildlife like the dormouse and nightingale call this wood home, while bluebells and other wildflowers brightly bloom each spring.

Located just outside the village of Puckley, parking is available at the wood’s main entrance off Smarden Bell Road.

Monkstown Wood


A peaceful haven in busy Newtonabbey. Brown trout, salmon and otters swim in the river. Lesser celandine, bluebells and wood anemone flower in spring. And on summer evenings bats wheel overhead in pursuit of moths.

There are shops and a café in Monkstown village a 1km walk away, and the Hillside garden centre, toilets and café 2km away off the Doagh Road. The wood’s small gravel car park offers parking off the Monkstown road.

Pullingshill Wood & Marlow Common


Nature and history meet in this charming Chilterns woodland. Among the trees, wildflowers and wildlife sit a network of training trenches, dug to prepare soldiers for the horrors of the First World War.

An extensive network of footpaths make this site ideal for an afternoon’s exploring. Parking is available nearby and the town of Marlow is just two miles away.



Once part of the ancient Forest of Essex, this peaceful spot is being returned to a more-natural state after being intensively farmed for centuries. Native trees are now growing strong, attracting a wide variety of wildlife that relies upon them for food and shelter.

Hardwick Wood


An ancient woodland site dominated by broadleaf trees. Follow the criss-crossing green rides and narrow paths to explore this well-loved and visited wood. A superb show of flowers in spring and one of our top ten bluebell woods.

Parking is available on the wide verge alongside Merafield Road. The nearest public toilets are at the car park of the Plymco Store along the Ridgeway in Plympton, around 1.5 miles away.

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