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This year World Book day celebrates 25 years, the first ever World Book Day took place in Catalonia on the 23 April 1995. It was originally  formed by UNESCO to celebrate the lives of prominent authors. such as Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and others born or whom died on the date 23rd April. 

Although, Shakespeare's death was actually recorded 10-days after, as in the 15th Century England used a different calendar to Spain, the Julian calendar was a reform of the Roman calendar, however today, as in Spain 1616, England and the rest of the world use the Gregorian Calendar.

In the UK World Book Day is always on the first Thursday in March, and this year falls on 5th. More can be read about the UK's Charity World Book Day here....


As Publishers, we feel it's important to celebrate the event, as it is quite literally a celebration of Authors, Illustrators and literature. 

Many of our Authors and Storytellers celebrate their love of books with thousands of children across the UK. Entertaining, education and bringing books to life - there is no better person to read a story, than the author themselves.

Celebrating 25-years of World Book Day 


Sarah-Leigh Wills

Award winning Author

& Illustrator


The adventures of Gillie and

all her friends 

Reading age, 3-5, years

Character based 



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Kids Active Book's Author Story-Time Events ~ A wonderful entertainment experience with added educational magic...

Booking An Author 

Our authors are located all over the UK, so please check that they are in your area before booking. - some may travel, so if are keen to have them it's always worth the ask. They all have different genres of books, ranging from 3-year, story/picture books, to full length chapter books for 11-16-years.


The Authors 

Check out their work, this will give you an idea of type of book they write. Some authors just do readings, some will incorporate workshops. ​

Let us know what you are looking for and we can certainly point you in the right direction. 

Paying an author

Payments vary from a full day to a half day, or sessions - it will also depend if you are booking readings or workshops. 

The cost will include travel, unless you are out of the area, travel is then added.

A nice cup of tea or coffee (and a few biscuits) go down a treat! 


Selling books at an event

Books will be available to buy either direct from the author or via our online booking system. 

Schools will be offered a discount on the RRP and can pre sell the books . 

If you would like the children to have a chance to get the books signed by the author please make this request at the initial booking, that way they can arrange their time accordingly. 

Posters and other publicity material are available, advance bookings are advised. 

Confirming the Booking

All bookings will be confirmed in writing.

We will let you know if any equipment – flip chart or scenes, are needed.  

Please let us know about parking on the day too. 

We ask you NOT don't leave the author alone with the pupils. They are are not there as a substitute teacher. The children's usual teachers should be present during the talk to hear what is said and deal with any behaviour issues.


Scott Jones 

Secret Of The dark Woods

Adventure & Mystical Novels

reading age, 9-14, years

Character based 



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Terry Willis
Linda 2.jpg

Terry Willis 

An Array Of Wonderful Poetry 

Story-Picture books

Written in rhyme

Reading age, 3-8, years



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Linda Dobinson

Kerr's Adventures 

Adventure, Young Chapter Novellas

Reading age, 7-11, years

Character based 


Hampshire (Basingstoke Area) 

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Aimee Farey (Story-Teller)

Music Meets Literature

Wonderful fun, adaptations of J.L Snooks, Princess Kitty & Luna 

Events where the children get to be the book!

Performance age Reception - Year 1

Young Chapter Books

Book reading age - early readers 5-7, years

Character based 


UK  touring (Early bookings advised) 

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Sue Johnson

Adventures of Vinny

& Mr Jangles

Story/picture books 

Reading age, 3-5, years

Character based 


West Yorkshire

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