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KAM's Membership - Helping Authors Achieve Their Goals. 


Free Author Membership

As a free member you have access to a host of information to get you started on your journey as a children's author and to prepare you for both traditional publishing and self-publishing.


There are great tips on how to get started as an author, illustrator, editor or typesetter. We offer extensive and impartial advice on editing and proofreading, ISBNs, copyright, trademarks, advance information sheets, jacket design, typesetting, agent representation, e-books, audio-books, marketing, advertising, printing and illustration – all designed to help you gain a strong audience and a better chance of gaining a traditional publishing deal. Publishing can be a cost-effective experience and you will encounter the three H's along the way: hard work, heartbreak and happiness. And it all wraps up into an extraordinary experience you will be proud of.

WE DO OFF A RANGE OF Pay-As-You-Publish Service, to help you get a head start if self publishing is your choice - will help you structure your project from start to finish, allowing you to take control of your finances, time and end product.

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