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Once you have decided to Self-Publish, there are many factors to consider, the biggest of all is the financial impact.

It can cost hundreds of pounds to prepare a manuscript for sale, which can mean that many good books never make it to the market. KAM’s Pay-As-You-Publish-Plan will help you monitor and structure your financial outlay so you don’t have to find a lump sum.

The best advice we can give you is to look at these costs as an investment rather than an expense. However, we also know that you may be looking for financial gain from this venture and so, with that in mind, we have drawn up marketing plans and printing costs that will help you achieve this.

We have structured the production stages – from the initial idea to print and post-promotion – to help you understand what is involved. These are the same stages that traditional publishers work to, so they will help you understand the publishing industry as a whole.

Contact us for more information, costs and advice.

If you would like to know more about writing, formatting and costing a children's book join our FREE membership. You will find and abundance of advice and information especially targeted for the children's market. 

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