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General Sign Up Terms

You must use your real name, or the name you work under.

You MUST NOT use words that are disrespected to others.

You must post a clear picture that is respectable (no nudity)

1. Account Settings: Your settings are used to manage basic account preferences. Here you can edit your name or email, change your notification preferences, upgrade membership and chat with other members.

2. Photos and Documents: Photos, or documents within your page and throughout the website – we will at times, with your permission share these documents with other websites and selling platforms.

3. Messages: Messages are similar to private email messages. They appear in your KAM’s members page – they will be a personal contact from KAM Office.

4. News Feed: Your News Feed is a constantly updating list of stories in the middle of your homepage. It includes status updates, photos, videos, links, App activities, and Likes from the people, Pages, and Groups you’re associated with.

5. Notifications: Notifications are updates about activity on KAM. For example, you can be notified when an upgrade or an offer is made available.

6. Profile: Your Profile is your collection of photos, stories, and experiences that tell your story. It includes your Timeline, profile picture, biography, and personal information.

7. Search: Search is a tool to find people, posts, photos, places, Pages, Groups, apps, and events on Facebook.

8. Members Contact: This only available for members to us, it is a direct question and answer straight to the office.

9. Shout-outs: Shout-outs include the stories published since you last checked News Feed that Facebook’s algorithm thinks you’ll find interesting. If you have a story to tell, or a promotion you feel needs a shout-out, email the members contact address.

10. New Members: New Members shows you a list of new members recently joined.

11. Membership: Membership is free, with two upgrades. Silver membership opens up information and help. Gold membership will gain you access to your own SEO searchable Bookshop page which the public can view and buy your work.


Bookshop Pages Definitions

Your KAM Members Page is just one of many aspects of the platform, it has a lot of its own terminology and features. This section focuses on the most important aspects of you and your products

12. About Section: This section contains basic information that’ll help visitors quickly learn about you. Different types of basic information will appear in your Page’s About section depending on your Page’s category. – to change this information you need to contact members@.

13. Boost Post: Boosted posts appear in KAM News Feeds on the front end of the website and on our social media platforms. You can boost any post you create including status updates, photos, pods and offers. The cost to boost a post depends on how days you want to boost for.

14. Cover Photo: This is the large picture at the top of your Page. All cover photos are public, which means that anyone visiting will be able to see it. Best practices include using a unique image that represents you.

15. Page Admin: When you create a Bookshop Page, you will be given templates to choose from. All data is monitored by Members Admin.

16. Authors Reaches: You can use these posts to find editors and illustrators. These are free for paid members and a cost per post for Free membership.

17. Daily Page Activity: This breaks down the different ways people engaged with your Bookshop Page. Other members and the public can message you individually.

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