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Secret of The Dark Woods

Teenage Fiction 

If you were given the chance to change an event from the past, what would you choose? The most obvious choice is not always the easiest... Billy, is a 13-year-old boy, who loves playing pranks, lots of pranks, he has just moved to a new school, where he meets Austin, the school bully. After a confrontation, the boys find themselves lost deep in the woods, where they meet a strange woodland resident. The boys need his help to get back home, however, he is unwilling to help, until the boys discover his weakness, - pasties. They embark on a journey, which involves, mythical creatures, a sacred scroll and a dark battle. However, one of them is hiding a very dark secret, a secret that will shake the others to the core. A tale of rivalry, anger, friendship and love, combined with a few twists, that will leave you wondering, how well do we really know ourselves and, each other?

Secret of The Dark Woods

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