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Hi, I’m Sarah! I have spent many years within the arts and media sector, primarily designing and teaching. Through this, I have a gained a huge amount of experience by working with clients and students worldwide. Many people ask me what I like about illustration and design. For me, it’s not work, it’s pleasure! If I could wake up and do the same job everyday, I would choose illustration!

When I’m not out walking on the moors, playing our record collection or causing a row playing my drums or banjo, I’m a children’s book illustrator. I have a huge passion for children’s picture books and a big collection of them. I don’t like reading biographies or novels! I have a child’s imagination,  which allows me to create the fun and quirky style that children just adore, and, just as importantly, makes them laugh.

Happydesigner was founded in 2007. When I was in college I wanted to become a freelance designer. Working for myself seemed the perfect job! I managed to get a few hours a week working for a local design company, Richard Quick Design in Penryn, Cornwall. Here I was able to gain industry experience of live clients, live briefs and quick turnaround deadlines!


I was working with local website developers and printers, and have built up a great knowledge of the way things should function within a company. I then thought well, if I can do this kind of work for someone else, why not just do it for myself? So that’s when I decided to make a professional business for myself!  Since that day, I have been working with hundreds of clients across the world, including Pets at Home, Respect for Animals, British Airways, Sky and TalkCoach. I have worked with agencies in the past including, Cornwall College and Crunchers.

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