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This is a journey we want you to enjoy, as your end product is all about making
someone else happy!

Personalised stories, whether they were told by grandparents or parents are something to cherish. 

You have the story - that's the hardest and most important piece of the jigsaw. Now you want to bring your book to life to share with friends and family - this is where we can help.

“What’s the process?”

Firstly we need to know how many words the story has, we can then talk you through the illustration process. 

Some people want a fully illustrated picture book, other would like it more simple. 

“How do I get my story made into a printed book?”

Once we have established the content, how many illustrations needed, we will formate this to a printable layout. 


“Is there a certain amount of copies I need to have printed?”

No, but we would suggest a minimum of ten (ten). However will will advise and talk through the price of printing at the start of the project, as size does matter when it come to print costs. 

We can guide you through the whole process and we will endeavour to make the experience fun and as cheap (with a professional look and feel) as we can.  

This is a journey we want you to enjoy, as your end product is all about making someone else happy! 

What we offer: 

  • Original illustrations - we work with great illustrators and we can match your story and vibe with an illustrator that will bring your story to life. 

  • Typeset, Book Layouts and Printing - at reasonable prices. 

  • Affordable professional service that you can pay for as you go. 

  • All artwork will have multi revisions to get your book looking perfect

  • Editorial - again we work with some great editors and will match you to the perfect one for your book. 

  • We can help you structure your book - you maybe a great story teller, but laying the words onto pages may not be your forte.

If you want to speak to us about a story you have - get a quote: 

If you would like to know more about writing children's books, or just get some helpful tips, join our FREE membership - there's an abundance of advice behind the scenes. 



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